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FW: [nc-transfer] Concerns about not having enough time for Publi c Input

Just thought I would re-introduce this e-mail since I have not gotten any feedback other thn a draft resolution from Grant.
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From: Neuman, Jeff [mailto:Jeff.Neuman@neustar.us]
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 10:56 AM
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Subject: [nc-transfer] Concerns about not having enough time for Public Input

Sorry about the last message.  Hopefully this works.  Please let me know if it does not.
Unfortunately, yesterday, we were cut-off when we were discussing the process for comments by the public to our report.  Let me try to express my concerns:
I see the following timeline:
September 30, 2002:  Initial Draft out for Public Comment
October 20, 2002:  Comments are due from Public
October 20-28, 2002:  Incorporation of Comments into a Final Draft
October 29, 2002:  Final Draft released.
Given this schedule, I am not sure how the constituencies/public will have enough time to vote in the NC meeting at Shanghai which will take place on the 29th.  This just simply isn't enough time.  I believe, especially since we are holding another public session in Shanghai (in which we may get more valuable feedback) that we should not push for a vote by the NC until their November meeting.  It can go to the Board in November and the Board can take it up then
Although my constituency has been apprised of everything that is going on, they have been waiting for us to release a report to actually place their comments.  They will not agree with everything in the paper and I am sure will have some excellent comments during the comment period.  Ross has already indicated that the Registrars will not accept everything and that they will have comments.  I am sure the other constituencies will have comments as well.  Therefore, we will need time to revise the report to reflect the comments we receive after the 20 day period.
I, of all people understand this process has taken way too long, but rushing the process at this point, I do not believe is in the best interests of the Internet Community.  There is a lot of substance in the TF Report and a lot needs to be digested.
If I am misreading anything, please let me know.
Jeffrey J. Neuman, Esq.

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