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[nc-str] Draft report on ALSC V 4

Rita, thanks for your comments.
New draft
I have amended the draft report to accommodate these and attach v4 as follows:
- new bullet on ALSC "expressions of interest"
- new text under recommendation 4.
I have also re-formulated recommendation 4 (the threshold membership of ALSC) to create an order of magnitude by setting a rationale leading to a high threshold like 30,000 and Dave Farrar's rationale leading to a low threshold of 1000. I propose the TF agrees that the correct figure lies between these two but says no more than that.
Comments on gTLD questions
1. The TF agrees we are making recommendations on a moving target but to be pragmatic decided to evaluate each proposed change against the status quo. Anything else leads to a matrix of possibilities that would be meaningless to evaluate.
2. You propose that the ALSO has its own policy formulation and that a second new structure (an ALSO - DNSO inter-organisation is created). This seems to add bureaucracy. The reasoning behind your proposal is that the interests of the ALSO membership will be more closely aligned than with DNSO interests. Surely this is not so. ALSO members will include the same people/organisations as the user constituencies of the DNSO (BC, non-coms,IPC). To have two sets of policy discussions from the same groups would seem to build in disfunctionality.

DNSO NC TF on Structurev4.doc

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