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[nc-str] Final terms of reference

Thank you for your comments.
1. On Peter's comments on scope.
I would have thought the phrase "and other related proposals " is sufficient.
The meeting in LA agreed to focus initially on proposals from the ALSC and DNSO constituencies.Lets keep this in for now (its under time frame only) and consider later if we want to go broader. A comparison of our analysis of the ALSC and earlier calls for an Individuals Constituency within the DNSO I agree would be useful.
2. On Raul's comments on board seats, a small TF meeting in LA indeed also agreed that we should not focus on these.
3. On Raul's proposal for a co-chair, we agreed that having the NC chair to oversee process was a good way forward. In general, I do not believe a co-chair idea is that helpful. It can slow progress.
4. On Marks' comment on the quality of stakeholder representation - this seems a good criteria to add.
This TF has a tight deadline. The Board has asked for initial comments on ALSC by Dec 15 - which is unlikely.  I would have thought it better to focus on the concrete and look later at the possible.
What is concrete is the ALSC - there is a report.
What is likely is a written proposal from the CCTLDs.
Lets us do these first. If after that we have time/energy to look wider - that's fine. So the final TOR should now be as below.
Terms of reference for the NC TF on structure
NC task force on Structure
one representative from each constituency and one from the GA, chaired by the chair of the NC.  

Members: Chair Philip
IP Mark Bohannon, BC Marilyn Cade, gTLDs David Johnson, ccTLDs Peter Dengate-Thrush, Registrars Ken Stubbs, Non-Commercials Raul Echeberria, ISP Tony Holmes, GA Dave Farrar
Terms of reference
To produce a timely impact assessment on
a) the efficacy of policy making within the DNSO, and
b) the efficacy of ICANN decision making
as a result of the proposals from the at-large study committee, the desire of the ccTLDs to form their own supporting organisation and other related proposals and;
To produce a recommendation to the Names Council based on this assessment.
To achieve this the task force should briefly evaluate proposals for re-structuring against the following criteria:
1. the efficacy of policy making within the DNSO
- degree of formal interaction between stakeholders
- ratio of unique issues of a new SO outside the competence of DNSO versus issues within competence of DNSO
- mechanisms for cross-SO communication
- effect on the DNSO consensus process.
2. the efficacy of ICANN decision making
- the ability of each proposal to generate valid consensus-based policy making
- possibility of the Board receiving contradictory advice from its SOs and the impact on resolution mechanisms
- likely financial and representational robustness of any SO
- the effect on the quality of stakeholder representation on the Board

The task force will consider proposals made to the Board by the ALSC or DNSO constituencies  before 31 January 2002.
Agreement on terms of reference – 28 November
Development of principles and criteria – 10 December
Data gathering/evaluation - December/January

Initial report 31 January 2002
Interim ICANN Ghana March 2002
Final TBD

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