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Re: [nc-org] Additional statment?

OK, it seems as if this additional statement has broad support
but not unanimous support, therefore I will refrain from
adding it to the official report. As I understand what will happen,
B&C will do one of two things:

1) Add it to their supplemental report. In that case, other
constituencies can indicate that they, too, support that 
statement in their own supplemental reports. 

2) Propose an amendment at the NC teleconference. 
In that case, a vote will determine whether it is added or not.

>>> "Milton Mueller" <mueller@syr.edu> 01/08/02 09:47AM >>>
Some constituencies support supplementing the
.org policy with the following statement:

"The Task Force would, in the interest of increasing 
competition, not wish to see the incumbent dominant 
provider of gTLD registry services, Verisign, take an
interest in or contract to deliver critical services 
to the new management organization."

What do you think? 

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