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Re: [nc-org] "Sponsored-unrestricted"

>>> Marc Schneiders <marc@schneiders.org> 09/15/01 16:39 PM >>>
Ex ante - ex post... What sort of ex post restrictions 
are you thinking of? 

MM: ====> None.

Further on you mention a dispute policy See below).
Should we not make clear that we do not want that either? 

MM: ====> I thought we had made that clear. Here is 
the relevant language:

[restrictions, whether ex-ante or ex-post]
"would be far more costly, less stable, and would 
diminish end user choice. Moreover, given the very 
mixed nature of current registrations in ORG, there is 
limited value in attempting to impose "purifying" 
measures unless one is also prepared to evict large 
numbers of current registrants, and there seems to be 
no support for this." 

This is why we need to come up and put in our report a 
clear idea of how the users/registrants (not-for-
profits, individuals) are going to be represented. Who 
is going to (s)elect them? And how?

MM: =====> I think that is for the bidders to 
propose. I think it too interventionist and 
controlling to tell them specific methods that must
be employed for representation. We cannot anticipate
all the possible methods that might be proposed.

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