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Re: [nc-org] minutes of the face-to-face in montevideo

>>> "Ken Stubbs" <kstubbs@digitel.net> 09/15/01 15:15 PM >>>

have there been nominations yet for task force chair ? (i have seen none) 

I have been on four task forces since joining the Names
Council and none of them have ever had an election
for Chair. They have always been appointed by 

However, if you and others are dissatisfied with the 
way I am handling things, I'd be happy to hold an 

My impression is that no one else is particularly
eager to do it, but I could be wrong. But please, 
let's not play politics with an important policy
process. It makes no sense to push someone into a position that they don't want just because we don't
see eye to eye very often. The ORG TF is making an
extremely important decision on a relatively fast
schedule, with a fixed, "hard" deadline.

That being the case, I put my own name forward in

My qualifications are:
* The fate of ORG is most relevant to the NCDNHC,
which I represent
* I do the work
* I've been doing the work

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