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Re: [nc-org] The TF roster


You are correct that Roger Cochetti was invited to join this
group for his expertise. Just added:

"Roger Cochetti" <rcochetti@verisign.com> has been added to nc-org.

If there are other people missing on the list, please let me know.
So far we have:
 NCDNH:      Milton Mueller 
 IPC:        Guillermo Carey 
 ccTLD:      Elisabeth Porteneuve 
 BC:         Grant Forsyth 
 gTLD:       Cary Karp 
 Registrars: Ken Stubbs 
 gTLD:       Roger Cochetti 
 ISPCP:      ???

Thank you,
> From owner-nc-org@dnso.org Sat Aug  4 09:18 MET 2001
> Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 09:14:39 +0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time)
> From: Cary Karp <ck@nrm.se>
> To: <nc-org@dnso.org>
> Subject: [nc-org] The TF roster
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> It strikes me that the list of recipients of communications
> addressed to nc-org@dnso.org doesn't precisely correspond to the
> list of TF reps that have been appointed by their constituencies.
> This is fine by me, as I agree that the value of our work will be
> enhanced by encouraging the input of selected individuals on the
> basis of their ability to contribute to the discussion.
> I note that Milton previously stated his intention to invite Roger
> Cochetti to participate in TF activity, given Roger's expert
> understanding of matters relating to .org.
> Has this invitation been extended?
> Have the constituencies that, at last notice, had yet to appoint
> their TF reps now been heard from?
> /Cary

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