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[nc-impwhois] mail delivery statistics

Atached is a document from the IPC (International Postal Corporation)
which measures postal delivery and quality of service in europe.

In shore it takes 10 days to reliably (99.9) transmit a letter between 18
countries in europe.

The 15 day rule that we have talked about does not extrapoloate globally
especially between underdeveloped countries. Also if we acknoloege that it
could take up to 10 days for a mail piece to transit the postal mail
pipeline in europe thus only giving the registrant 5 days to recieve and
contact the registrar the mail with a 0% margin of error for the

I believe that these statistics clearly indicate a 15 day window of
oppertunity is too limited as a policy for global mail deliverly as it is
expected to take longer than 15 days to reliably (99.9%) for a mail piece
to transit the international mail pipeline for undeveloped countries.

I am working on finding other credible sources of postal mail delivery,
when I find them I will post them to this group.




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