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[icann-nominations] Nomination for Barbara Simons

1a. Full name of the nominee: Barbara Simons

1b. E-mail address of the nominee: simons@acm.org

2a. Full name of the nominator: Marc Rotenberg

2b. E-mail address of the nominator: rotenberg@epic.org

1. Accomplished persons of integrity, objectivity, and intelligence,
with reputations for sound judgment and open minds, and a
demonstrated capacity for thoughtful group decision-making;

Dr. Simons has demonstrated extraordinary integrity, objectivity,
and intelligence in the more than decade that I have known her. She
has been repeatedly honored by organizations for her contributions
to the development of public policy relating to the growth of the
Internet. She also has a clear ability to work with a wide range of
people on complex and controversial matters. As President of the ACM
and Chair of the ACM Committee on Public Policy she often times
brought people together and built coalitions to further the work of
the organization she was leading. Most recently she worked for two
months with more than 50 leaders in computer science to develop a
public statement on the Total Information Awareness project that was
broadly acceptable to the research community.

2. Persons with an understanding of ICANN's mission and the
potential impact of ICANN decisions on the global Internet
community, and committed to the success of ICANN;

Dr. Simons finished second in in the ICANN North America At-Large
election. She established the ACM Committee on Internet Governance
and also actively supported the work of many individuals and
organization that are working to enlarge the public debate over the
role of ICANN and the future of the Internet. She recently
participated in the Public Voice conference in Honolulu. There are
few people who are not current or past members of the ICANN board of
directors who has given more thought or devoted more effort to the
potential impact of ICANN decisions on the global Internet community
or who are more committed to the success of ICANN.

3. Persons who will produce the broadest cultural and geographic
diversity on the Board consistent with meeting the other criteria
set forth in this Section;

Barbara Simons is from the United States, but she would also be one
of the few women to serve on the ICANN Board of Directors. Her
lifelong work to encourage more young women to pursue degrees in
computer science should also be considered.

4. Persons who, in the aggregate, have personal familiarity with the
operation of gTLD registries and registrars; with ccTLD registries;
with IP address registries; with Internet technical standards and
protocols; with policy-development procedures, legal traditions, and
the public interest; and with the broad range of business,
individual, academic, and non-commercial users of the Internet;

Dr. Simons has extensive experiences with many of these topics,
often at the head of a leading organization or project. As a
Research Staff Member at IBM, Dr. Simons research activities
included scheduling theory, compiler optimization, fault tolerant
distributed computing, and communicating sequential processes.  As
President of the Association for Computing Machinery, she has broad
familiarity with technical standards and protocols in computer
science. As a the candidate who finished second in ICANN North
America At Large election, she worked closely with ICANN
constituents on policy issues specific to ICANN. As the founder of
the USACM Committee on Public Policy, she was one of the leaders in
the computer science profession to focus public attention on policy
development, law and the public interest as they relate to the
growth of the Internet.

As the founder of the ACM Internet Governance Project she has been
deeply involved in many of the debates specific to ICANN including
the operation of the gTLD registries, the ccTLD registries, and IP
address registries. And as past Secretary to Council of Scientific
Society Presidents (CSSP), an organization of presidents,
presidents-elect, and immediate past presidents of over sixty
scientific societies and federations, whose combined membership
numbers well over 1 million scientists and science educators, she
has a broad understanding of the interests of the academics and
non-commercial users of the Internet.

5. Persons who are willing to serve as volunteers, without
compensation other than the reimbursement of certain expenses; and

Dr. Simons has devoted much of her professional career to supporting
the work of non-profit organizations. In the last several years she
has devoted significant time without compensation to support the
work of such groups as the Association for Computing Machinery. She
served as President of the ACM, which is roughly equivalent to a
full-time job, without pay.

6. Persons who are able to work and communicate in written and
spoken English.

Dr. Simons's first language is English.

Thank you for considering this nomination.

Marc Rotenberg


Marc Rotenberg, exec director          +     +1 202 483 1140 (tel)
Electronic Privacy Information Center  +     +1 202 483 1248 (fax)
1718 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 200      +        rotenberg@epic.org
Washington DC 20009  USA               +       http://www.epic.org

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