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[icann-nominations] Nomination of Alejandro Pisanty

Template for nomination:
1a. Full name of the nominee: Dr. Alejandro Pisanty
1b. E-mail address of the nominee:  apisan@servidor.unam.mx
2a. Full name of the nominator: Marilyn S. Cade
2b. E-mail address of the nominator: mcade@att.com

Description of how candidate meets the selection criteria:

Alejandro Pisanty has been a member of the Board, elected by the GNSO, and has most recently chaired the Evolution and Reform Committee{ERC}.  Throughout this process, and his service on the Board, he has demonstrated a commitment to ICANN, to broad understanding of the full range of issues it faces, and to continued outreach to the wide set of interested parties who participate in ICANN, and who are affected by ICANN's decisions.  
Alejandro is from the Latin American Region, thus contributing to both cultural and geographic diversity on the Board.  He brings a broad understanding of individual, academic, and non-commercial users' interests, while also bringing strong familiarity of policy development and technical issues.   He is well known for his broad outreach to all interested stakeholders, and his willingness to listen to diverse points of view and concerns. 
He is highly respected for his objectivity and integrity, and his leadership throughout the ERC process serves as a testimony to his ability for open mindedness, thoughtful group decision making, and consensus building across diverse and often conflicting interests and interests groups.   He has demonstrated a commitment to serving as a volunteer,  both by serving as a board member, and by taking on the additional responsibility of the ERC process.
It is my personal view that board members should be above alignment with any particular group and should look to create balance of the broad set of interests, consistent with the core mission, while taking into account a commitment to ICANN's first priority--ensuring the stability of the global Internet. This may mean that decisions taken or supported by a board member are not necessarily preferred by any individual constituency or group of stakeholders. Fulfilling this role is challenging.  I have observed and experienced Alejandro's commitment to his role as a board member, and to ensuring ICANN's success, including through interactions with the ERC in various meetings and forums, and I am pleased to nominate him to reelection to the Board from the GNSO to my fellow GNSO Councilors.  

Election of the ICANN Board Director by the GNSO

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