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Re: [ga] Jonathan Cohen, hander-out of domain names

Dan Birchall wrote:
> Does he even hold the same views now?

Obviously he does, by all his statements, his alliances, and his
Internet politics in and out of ICANN.

> Do
> any of us hold the same views we held in 1997?

I do. So do all the people I respect. Do you change your "views"
with the tide of affairs?

> How many of us remember
> the state of the domain issue in 1997?

Everyone whose opinions are worthwhile.

> Can someone check with Jon to
> see if he still feels this way?

We will learn his true feelings by his actions on the Board, not by
what he may or may not say. All the people involved in the capture
of the NewCo by big business and the reactionary trademark interests
are consummate liars, which they have proven at every step of the
road. That is why his statement quoted above is impoprtant: it shows
what he really thinks, rather than what he now wants us to believe
he thinks.

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