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Re: [ga] Jonathan Cohen, hander-out of domain names

> Jonathan Cohen, quoted at the Industry Canada Domain and Trademark
> Workshop, Ottawa 1997:
>       "I don't think we should hand out domains with 
>        generic names, I mean some guy has patents.com 
>        and that's just not right."
> What does Mr. Cohen, slated for a seat on the ICANN Board, mean by
> "I don't think we should hand out domains"? Who is the "we"? ICANN?
> The ICANN Board? Himself, Jon Cohen?
> Is that Mr. Cohen's new function on the ICANN Board: to decide which
> domain names are given out? 

I was there at the meeting. It took place in Ottawa a long time ago before 
ICANN existed. I think it was the first time I met him.

I dont pretend to speak for Jonathon, but I can guarantee that he wasnt 
speaking for ICANN or the ICANN board at that time. Nobody was.
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