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Re: [ga] 0:212 BIZ.....going out of BIZness ?

I see your point. The registrants are the ones that are the "paying customers"
and the ones most affected by root servers, gtld servers and the follks who 
make policies about them.

Remember: ICANN created the collision of up to 3500 SLDs by allowing
duplicate SLDs to be created. There are potentially 3500 "victims"

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Subject: Re: [ga] 0:212 BIZ.....going out of BIZness ?

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> > The other .BIZ has been in existence since 1995 and is still going.
> > 
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> John,
> With all due respect, there are not two .BIZ TLDs.
> .BIZ is three letters. It is only spelled one way....B...I...Z...
> All that really matters, moving forward, is the list of [SLD].BIZ owners.
> Apparently, the I* society insiders have helped to do some market research
> and Proof-of-Concept testing, to bring these potential customers to light.
> Someone should thank them for their efforts, but not pay them anything.
> They are non-profit, public benefit, volunteer organizations, or supposed to be.
> If there are enough serious .BIZ owners to move past the market trial phase,
> then commercial companies will likely deploy 128-bit DNS services for the
> .BIZ owners. How many serious .BIZ owners are there ? 50,000 ? 80,000 ?

There is no such thing as "128-bit DNS". If so, where are the RFCs for the technical


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