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Re: [ga] WHOIS accuracy, and name deletions

DPF said:
So you want every website in the world to be forced to have an auto
responder bot for e-mail just to cover the one in one hundred thousand
possibility that someone thinks your whois details are incorrect.

Not only that, but should the recipient be required to forego security by 
sending an ack receipt?  I don't think so.  At least I would not.  Why 
would anyone want to validate an email address for every spammer.  In 
addition, mail list providers and list members go nuts over auto 
responders and receipts.  Sheesh!  On lists I admin, those who set auto 
responders and receipts that go to the mail lists are unsubscribed as per 
the rules of the lists.  

We cannot control how individuals set their email accounts or how they use 
them, nor can we dictate to ISPs how they use filters, etc.  They are 
privately owned entities.


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