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[ga] good bye

At some point of time between 9:10 and 9:40 a.m. Amsterdam time on
Sunday, the DNSO ceased to be (and will, perhaps not unlike a
phoenix from the ashes, become the GNSO). Likewise, the DNSO GA has
ceased to be as an /official/ part of the ICANN structure.
Consequently, we have ceased to be its Chair and Alternate Chair --
we were elected for 2002 anyhow, and any concern that we might
become GA-Chair-Squatters is unfounded: This is our farewell
message. :)

But although the GA loses the formal role it has had, it will not
vanish into thin air and there is no reason to unsubscribe: This
list will continue its informal but important role as a forum for
information and discussion about DNS and ICANN issues, and we hope
that people from the ICANN Board, the SO Councils and the GNSO
Constituencies will stay tuned. Earlier, we called for volunteers to
help our own transition. This GA Transition Team will help to ensure
that the GA remains an open, but rules-based list regardless whether
it is run under the formal custodianship of the DNSO, GNSO or
perhaps the ALAC in the end.

2002 was a turbulent year, and this was certainly reflected in the
GA. We have to thank a great number of you for your participation,
assistance and encouragement. We owe particular thanks to the DNSO
Secretariat for the great cooperation -- merci Glen, and merci
Elisabeth! We also would like to thank the GA Representatives for
the good job they did on the Task Forces. Finally, thanks to the
volunteers (Abel and Ross) joining us on the Transition Team.

When we say farewell, we're of course not really going away -- and
we're quite sure that you, the GA participants, will stay around,
too. We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

    Thomas Roessler (former GA Chair)
    Alexander Svensson (former GA Alternate Chair) 

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