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[ga] Re: [Ecommerce] APEC meeting in Thailand - Privacy issues

Jamie and all,

  Thank you for forwarding this along.  I was made aware of this a few
days ago and passed it along to our [INEGroup] members for consideration
and further comment.  I am sure that we will be submitting some comments,
concerns and suggestions in the very near future...

  It would seem to me off hand that this would have some consideration
on WHOIS for DNS as well as DN registration practice and potential
policy as well...

  I will also forward this along to the DNSO GA and other NGO's for their
information as well...

James Love wrote:

> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Fwd: APEC meeting in Thailand
> Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 14:19:55 -0500
> From: Arrow Augerot <Arrow_Augerot@ita.doc.gov>
> See attached email from Peter Ford regarding a proposal on privacy that
> Australia intends to table at the upcoming ECSG meeting in February.
> Since we will be discussing this proposal at the next meeting, we would
> be very interested in receiving your comments.
> Best, AA
> Arrow Augerot
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> APEC Senior Officials' Meeting and Related Meetings
> 12 - 21 February, 2003, Thailand
> Proposal for Co-operative Work on Privacy Protection
> ____________________
> The development of electronic commerce across national borders requires
> consideration to be given to arrangements for the protection of personal
> information.  Although much progress has been made in electronic commerce,
> many surveys have indicated that electronic commerce is unlikely to realise
> its full potential until there is greater consumer confidence that personal
> information is appropriately protected in on-line transactions.
> The particular approach to privacy protection in individual economies is a
> matter for those economies.  A diversity of approaches is already apparent
> in those countries which have addressed the issues.  However, there would be
> advantage in the development of a common approach within APEC to those
> privacy issues which, in the absence of attention by governments, business
> or industry groups, might inhibit the development of electronic commerce
> across national borders.
> In 1980, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development issued
> its Privacy Principles which have since been adopted in laws and
> self-regulatory practices in a number of economies.  In 1995 the European
> Commission issued its Directive on Data Protection which required European
> Union countries to adopt its provisions in national law.  The Directive
> requires member countries to limit the transfer of data to non-member
> countries unless one of a number of conditions are satisfied.  One of the
> conditions is that non-member countries satisfy an ‘adequacy’ test
> administered by the Commission.
> The approach taken by the European Commission Directive may not be suitable
> as a standard within APEC economies.  The OECD Privacy Principles, on the
> other hand, may provide a useful starting point for the development of a
> common standard of privacy protection which would avoid the more
> prescriptive nature of the European Commission Directive.  It is envisaged
> that any APEC common standard would recognise that the means by which
> privacy principles should be implemented would be a matter for determination
> by the particular economies.
> \The scope for agreement on procedures to enforce the protection of privacy
> in transactions across national borders could be explored.  The approach
> Australia would suggest is for economies to self-certify that they have
> implemented the OECD Privacy Principles.  On this basis, companies that were
> either bound by law or wished to adhere to the principles on a
> self-regulatory basis would also certify to that effect.
> The benefit to international trade that is expected to flow from this
> project is a stimulus to the further development of international electronic
> commerce.
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