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Re: [ga] The proposed ccNSO Assistance Group

At 17.09.2002 15:46, DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:
>"The following ccTLD managers, participants of the GAC, and other 
>knowledgeable members of the community have agreed to participate in this 
>Assistance Group:

With some annotations from me (and Google):

Sebastian Bachollet (Business Constituency, CIGREF)
Bart Boswinkel (.nl ccTLD)
Becky Burr (Wilmer Cutler & Pickering [->VeriSign])
Chris Disspain (.au ccTLD)
Hartmut Glaser (.br ccTLD, LACNIC)
Alf Hansen (.no ccTLD)
Hiro Hotta (.jp ccTLD, NTT, ISP/CP) 
Geoff Huston (IAB, Telstra, APNIC)
Michael Katundu (Kenya GAC representative)
Christian de Larrinaga (ISOC England)
Pierre Ouedraogo (.bf ccTLD)
Patricio Poblete (.cl ccTLD)
Oscar Robles (.mx ccTLD)
Philip Sheppard (Business Constituency, AIM, former NC Chair)
Mohd Sharil Tarmizi (GAC Vice Chair, Malaysia representative)
Kiyoshi Tsuru (IP consultant, WIPO panellist, Mexico)
Bernard Turcotte (.ca ccTLD)

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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