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[ga] ERC's Second Implementation Report

The ERC's Second Implementation Report contains a really bad idea.  Consider 
the following example:

Under the current system, a policy could be proposed that might not be 
supported by the registrars and registries (perhaps because such policy might 
cost them money).  Currently the remaining five constituencies could outvote 
these two groups and pass the recommendation in the public interest by a vote 
of 15 to 6 (attaining more than the two-thirds majority required to establish 
a consensus policy).

Under the ERC's plan, the votes of those under contract are equivalent to the 
votes of the remaining constituencies.  If the registries and registrars do 
not support a proposal (perhaps because it will cost them money),  the 
consensus policy recommendation will never be passed because a two-thirds 
vote is now theoretically unattainable, and even the additional votes of the 
NonCom selected members are insufficient to reach that two-thirds level.

This ERC plan does not serve the public interest.   

I encourage those constituencies not under contract to vehemently oppose this 

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