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[ga] YesNIC hoarding joesworld.com

I don't know the proper venue for this issue. If someone knows of a better 
venue, please privately reply with a pointer.

In short, YesNIC is the registrar for 'joesworld.com' yet their whois 
servers denies the existance for the registration, returning "No match" 
to 'joesworld.com' searches. 

(background: I've been trying for some time now - maybe a year or more - 
to snag joesworld.com for a friend who runs a nonprofit that currently 
lives @ joesworld.org)

When I recently asked YesNic about the whois discrepency, they threw me a 
sales pitch!?! See email below.

I've responded to YesNic with a pointer to ICANN's accreditation 
agreement, however, the accreditation agreement isn't clear on one key 
point. The agreement says a registrar must provide whois data for any 
active domain, but nowhere in the agreement does it define "active." 
joesworld.com doesn't exist in the root zone files, but it's registered. 
Does this mean the domain is "inactive" and that valid whois responses 
don't need to be returned?? I think not, but alas, IANAL nor a ICANN 

A helpful person has suggested I buy a 'SnapBack' on the domain from 
snapdomains. Surely this can't be my best option? Is ICANN's domain-name 
system so messed up that "accredited" registrars are simply hoarding good 
names, hiding whois details and then offering to be a "broker" to 
unsuspecting customers??



---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 18:17:54 +0900
From: "Kang,In-Soon" <partner@yesnic.com>
To: Abraham Ingersoll <abe@dajoba.com>
Subject: Re: joesworld.com

Dear Abraham

Thank you for contacting YesNIC.
I have been manage to contact the owner of 'joesworld.com' domain name but I am afraid that I am not allowed to release the contact information.
However, the owner is my client and has appointed me as his agent to proceed this deal for the domain name with you.
Hence, if you wish to purchase this domain name, please let me know how much you are willing to invest.
Once you give me your proposed price, I will consult about it with my client and try to actively negotiate with you.
Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Jason Lee

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Abraham Ingersoll" <abe@dajoba.com>
To: <partner@yesnic.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 1:35 AM
Subject: joesworld.com

> Hello,
> I wish to buy 'joesworld.com', yet it seems that the domain is "taken", 
> even though your whois system FAILS to provide contact information for the 
> current owner.
> What is wrong with your systems? Could you please release joesworld.com so 
> that I may buy it?
> Thanks,
> Abraham Ingersoll <abe@dajoba.com>

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