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Re: [ga] RE: "The reform committee continues to refine its proposals..."

On 2002-08-16 15:17:53 -0400, Jonathan Cohen wrote:

>But it would sure be refreshing to get some 'Balance'and some 
>decent debate ,where if you dont win you shake hands and try again 
>later... But maybe thats ''culturally biased'' see you around the 

I'd add one thing (but then again, I'm culturally biased, too):  
Don't let differences of opinion (which reasonable and intelligent  
people may quite well have) lead to personal crusades fought in  
public fora.

Note that I don't have any objection against a passionate or polemic 
argument - not at all.  Polemics have always been a legitimate  
instrument of rhetorics, and of intelligent debate.  Apart of that,  
a good polemic argument is entertaining reading, most of the time.

But this doesn't mean that anyone may attack the personal and 
professional integrity or reputation of other participants without 
very (and I mean VERY!) good reason.  It also doesn't mean that 
anyone may turn a - possibly legitimate! - argument against the 
actions taken by a body as a whole into an attack against an 
individual member of that body, very good reasons for that being 

/The parties are advised to chill./

(See: http://tools.schwimmerlegal.com/blog/2002/07/31.html#a84)

Thomas Roessler                        http://log.does-not-exist.org/
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