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Re: [ga] RE: "The reform committee continues to refine its proposals..." [resend]

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Sent: Friday, August 16, 2002 7:11 PM
Subject: Re: [ga] RE: "The reform committee continues to refine its proposals..." [resend]

> for some reason the message below doesn't seem to have reached the GA list
> I've trimmed the cc's for this resend.  Apologies for any duplication.

It looks like the "GA" and "DNSO" will be phased out...the IETF is the "main venue" ??

"Most members felt, however, that IETF meetings should continue to be the main venue for RSSAC meetings, due to convenience factors.
Several members noted that having renewed IAB/IESG involvement would be helpful, and it was agreed that a renewed invitation to
IAB/IESG to designate liaison members should be made."

Ray Plzak, ARIN
Joao Dumas, RIPE NCC, K
Frederico Neves, LACNIC
Louis Touton, ICANN
Don Wilder, ARIN
George Michaelson, APNIC
John Crain, ICANN, L
Suzanne Woolf, L,F
Bill Manning, B
Nevil Brownlee, CAIDA
David Conrad, Nominum
Paul Vixie, C, F
Randy Runkles, G
Cathy Murphy, ARIN
Akira Kato, M
Jun Murai, Chair & M
Lars Liman, I
Johan Ihren, I
Paul Wilson, APNIC
Brad Verd, A, J
Kenjiro Cho, SONY
Yuji Sekiya, WIDE
Jerry Sneeringer  - phone
kc Claffy - phone

  a.. Jaap Akkerhuis (ccTLD Constituency)
  b.. Sebastien Bachollet (Business Constituency)
  c.. Marilyn Cade (Business Constituency)
  d.. David Conrad (Root Server Systems Advisory Committee)
  e.. Michael Heltzer (Intellectual Property Constituency)
  f.. Geoff Huston (Protocol Support Organization)
  g.. Roberto Laorden (Protocol Support Organization)
  h.. Stuart Lynn (Chair)
  i.. Vany Martinez (Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency)
  j.. Y J Park (Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency)
  k.. Adrian Pinder (Government Advisory Committee Liaison)
"Thus, considerable progress under this task has been made, and is continuing."

Meanwhile, real progress is being made...

2002 0:201 .COM
2002 1:158 .CLUB
2002 2:143 .FAMILY
2002 3:219 .INFO
2002 4:58 .LLC
2002 5:194 .INC
2002 6:171 .TV
2002 7:195 .CHURCH

Jim Fleming
2002:[IPv4]:000X:03DB:...IPv8 is closer than you think...

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