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Re: [ga] .org price breaks

Rick Wesson wrote:
> Anyone else been reading .org proposals? I've got a question for you
> folks regarding price and supporting causes in respect to proposals to run
> the .org registry.

I think the Board has pretty clearly said that it does not favor proposals
that would channel money from .org registration fees to causes that don't
directly impact the operation of the .org registry. (I have some notes on
that here: http://icann.blog.us/stories/2002/06/20/goodWorks.html).

In another common model among the proposals, in which the bidder is a
non-profit that would accept the registration fees and then pay a portion of
those fees to a back-end technical operator, the fees retained by the
non-profit are not really to support a cause, but to support the operation
and oversight of the registry. Under that model, you hope that the fees are
adequate for the non-profit to do its job well. It seems to me that there is
a fairly wide range of models in non-profit oversight that could be
effective, some will be more elaborate and expensive than others. One of the
things we should read the applications for is to see which oversight models
look most effective.

I think I agree with where you were going though: a non-profit in charge of
the registry that was starved for funds would probably not be an effective

      -- Bret

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