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Re: [ga] Request for a Working Group


"Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law" wrote:

[cc's chopped ruthlessly]

Personally, I believe that deceptive trade practices should be regulated
by the national authorities where a business is located and where it
trades, not by ICANN.

Exactly right. This kowtowing to ICANN should stop, and a barrage
of complaints should be generated and sent to the Federal Trade
Commission as to Federal law, and to the Comsumer Complaint
Departments of the various states in which all of us live, which will
likely (as in Oregon) be a part of the state Dept. of Justice, i.e.,
the Attorney General.  Those in other countries than the U. S. will
have rough equivalents to the above, and should be able to identify
who to write to in their own countries, i.e., whoever handles deceptive
and unfair trade practices.

I'm not in the registry, registrar, domain name buying or selling business,
so I'm not sure I know enough about the process and its corruption to
write a good letter myself, nor am I sure I have enough standing to write
one, since I can't see where I've been hurt at all.  But that is not true as to
many of the rest of you, so I say, have at it!  (Where I have been damaged,
I have written to the Oregon Dept. of Justice, using a complaint form that
can be downloaded from the net, and in every case whoever I was then
after was quickly brought to heel.)

And no working group is needed -- just get a "multi-log" going among
all you damaged folks to settle on the specific complaint language as to
specific sins (the recent "Warning to Consumers" or whatever it was
called seems to be a good example), adapted of course to fit each
person's situation, and then start sending off the letters. (That also gets
rid of some more ICANN formality.)

Bill Lovell


On Tue, 26 Mar 2002 DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:

> Having reviewed the many ICANN Public Forums, the registrars list, and the GA
> list, one fact is eminently clear:  the public has been loudly complaining
> about abusive and deceptive registrar and re-seller business practices.  It
> is apparent to me that there are a sufficient number of rogues in this
> industry that need to be brought under control.  It is time to review the
> enforcement provisions within current ICANN contracts, to review how
> enforcement is currently being handled, and to hold registrars accountable
> for the actions of their resellers.
> I would ask the Chair of this Assembly to convene a working group devoted to
> this topic.
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