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Re: [ga] GA summary 2002-11

--- Thomas Roessler <roessler@does-not-exist.org> wrote:
> On 2002-03-25 18:29:32 -0800, eric wrote:
> >(sorry for the funny posting but as you all should Know by now I 
> >have been banned without process)
> This is not true.
> >Off course this is absurd and does not reflect what happened this 
> >last time period.
> Please provide a summary of what _you_ consider important.

Personally, I thought the summary was good. The only item I'd have
added was a brief mention of the thread where Verisign has submitted
WLS to ICANN (despite oppostion by the RC, and no consensus), as that
hadn't been officially mentioned anywhere else but on this list (i.e.
except for the quiet release on Verisign's website), and so might be
propagated further by inclusion on the summary.

Although, Verisign's actions in this matter were predicted ex ante, so
perhaps it's not really news, when everyone knew it was going to


George Kirikos

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