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Re: [ga] Re: ICANN Funding

A 40% increase?  Really?

Monday, March 25, 2002, 2:34:53 PM, DannyYounger@cs.com <DannyYounger@cs.com> wrote:
Dcc> Elana Broitman has published the following comment on the ICANN budget to the 
Dcc> registrar's list:  
Dcc> http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/registrars/Arc01/msg02236.html

Dcc> As a representative of the Registrar Constituency on Stuart Lynn's Budget
Dcc> Advisory group, I am updating you on the discussions of the group at the
Dcc> Accra meeting.  Stuart will soon be sending his final budget proposal, so I
Dcc> will not preempt him by sending out his draft. 

Dcc> However, I believe it is appropriate to share with you the general direction
Dcc> that he'll be taking.

Dcc> As you may recall, the 2001-02 budget had been $5,030,000.  The revenues
Dcc> were estimated at $5,78mm, which would have left a small carry over reserve.
Dcc> The actual projected budget for last year is coming in around those numbers,
Dcc> with a slightly smaller reserves for carry over.

Dcc> Stuart suggests raising the budget by roughly $2mm, much of this going to
Dcc> cover administrative and personnel expenses.  This would not account for
Dcc> budgetary changes associated with ICANN reform or potentially no at large
Dcc> elections.  What this would mean for registrars is a roughly 30% raise in
Dcc> ICANN fees.  

Dcc> We all recognize the great burden on ICANN's staff and resources and know
Dcc> that increased support would help them get things done, including for
Dcc> registrars.  At the same time, various constituencies and stake holders are
Dcc> raising questions about the breadth and scope of ICANN's mission, which if
Dcc> kept to a focus, may alleviate some of the budgetary pressures.

Dcc> As we receive Stuart's proposed budget, it is incumbent on our constituency,
Dcc> as one of the largest ICANN funders, to provide thoughtful comments to
Dcc> Stuart.  Bryan, Rob and I look forward to briefing you as we get further
Dcc> details and making sure that the constituency's comments get to Stuart.

Dcc> Regards, Elana

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