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[registrars] ICANN Budget

As a representative of the Registrar Constituency on Stuart Lynn's Budget
Advisory group, I am updating you on the discussions of the group at the
Accra meeting.  Stuart will soon be sending his final budget proposal, so I
will not preempt him by sending out his draft. 

However, I believe it is appropriate to share with you the general direction
that he'll be taking.

As you may recall, the 2001-02 budget had been $5,030,000.  The revenues
were estimated at $5,78mm, which would have left a small carry over reserve.
The actual projected budget for last year is coming in around those numbers,
with a slightly smaller reserves for carry over.

Stuart suggests raising the budget by roughly $2mm, much of this going to
cover administrative and personnel expenses.  This would not account for
budgetary changes associated with ICANN reform or potentially no at large
elections.  What this would mean for registrars is a roughly 30% raise in
ICANN fees.  

We all recognize the great burden on ICANN's staff and resources and know
that increased support would help them get things done, including for
registrars.  At the same time, various constituencies and stake holders are
raising questions about the breadth and scope of ICANN's mission, which if
kept to a focus, may alleviate some of the budgetary pressures.

As we receive Stuart's proposed budget, it is incumbent on our constituency,
as one of the largest ICANN funders, to provide thoughtful comments to
Stuart.  Bryan, Rob and I look forward to briefing you as we get further
details and making sure that the constituency's comments get to Stuart.

Regards, Elana

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