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Re: [ga] Verisign proceeds with WLS, despite opposition

Hi again,

For the registrars out there following the WLS issue, and not willing
to let Verisign or ICANN trample over you, here's a section of your
contracts that will help. From:


"2.3 General Obligations of ICANN. With respect to all matters that
impact the rights, obligations, or role of Registrar, ICANN shall
during the Term of this Agreement:

2.3.1 exercise its responsibilities in an open and transparent manner;

2.3.2 not unreasonably restrain competition and, to the extent
feasible, promote and encourage robust competition;

2.3.3 not apply standards, policies, procedures or practices
arbitrarily, unjustifiably, or inequitably and not single out Registrar
for disparate treatment unless justified by substantial and reasonable
cause; and

2.3.4 ensure, through its reconsideration and independent review
policies, adequate appeal procedures for Registrar, to the extent it is
adversely affected by ICANN standards, policies, procedures or

Section 2.3.2 is of obvious use in blocking ICANN from rubber stamping
this monopolistic and anti-competitive WLS proposal from Verisign.
Section 2.3.4 should keep an open forum for months as an independent
review is forced to take place.

You have signed contracts with ICANN, listing their contractual
obligations -- hold them to the letter of those agreements that you
signed in good faith, and go to court if need be to enforce them,
otherwise you willingly diminish the value of your own businesses.
Don't be a lemming, like some of the registrars have been! 

Here's a little theory for you. Verisign is buying out registrars left
and right, to stem their market share losses as folks transfer away
from them. Do you think the price Verisign will pay for you will be
higher with WLS approved?? I don't think so, as they won't need you as
much, having stolen your revenue sources and your ability to innovate
and differentiate.


George Kirikos

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