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[ga] Re: Verisign proceeds with WLS, despite opposition


1. Verisign was never looking for consensus, only how marketable WLS would
be once it became "the only way to get a used domain name".

2. Verisign believes it is not required to submit to ICANN consensus process.

3. Verisign assumes that everyone who has not spoken out against WLS
(especially those that have never even heard of it) are stron supporters of

4. Since the "official" RC position was staunchly against this, Verisign
uses thier own registrar holdings, and Snap Names' partners too, combined
with the most tortured math and logic concievable, to declare "overwhelming
support" byt the Registrars for WLS.

5. Verisign still firmly maintains that no existing businesses will be
adversely affected by WLS and the resulting monopoly on the "used domain"
market.  After all, now they can simply buy the "new product"! 

*The above is strictly my own opinion, based upon the written documents
publicly posted by VGRS. No warranty is made for its accuracy. Your milage
may vary.

Harold Whiting
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