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[ga] Verisign proceeds with WLS, despite opposition


As most know, the DNSO GA and the RC (registrars) were overwhelmingly
against the WLS proposal. 

Not surprisingly given Verisign's history, they've ignored this
opposition, and have proceeded to request pricing approval from ICANN.


for their "spin" on things. Their conclusion:

"VGRS has submitted a request to ICANN for an amendment to Appendix G
of the .com and .net registry agreements to add pricing for the WLS for
a 12-month trial period."

Prior documents are at: http://www.verisign-grs.com/wls.html

The official registrar community's position is at:

It's quite an exercise in faulty logic to read Verisign's attempts to
massage the numbers. I don't know how they can, with a straight face,
conclude that "consumers are better off". I never knew VGRS dealt with
consumers -- I thought the Chinese wall meant VGRS only dealt with
registrars... The only parties better off are Verisign and its
partners, to the detriment of consumers and competing registrars. No
attempt to quantify consumers' demands are made, yet all the visible
opposition is dismissed as being "unrepresentative". 

Oh well, we knew this was going to happen -- it's Verisign, remember.
The arrogance of this monopoly makes Microsoft pale in comparison.

What's the appropriate procedure to submit comments now that ICANN is
officially being made this request?


George Kirikos

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