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Re: [ga] Motion for a vote of no confidence in the Board

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002 15:26:47 -0800, Mike Roberts
<mmr@darwin.ptvy.ca.us> wrote:

>I don't detect support for the Lynn plan from any significant 
>stakeholder group thus far, and the Board has bent over backward not 
>to endorse the plan.  So let's not assume one way or the other that 
>elements of the plan are cast in concrete until the Board actually 
>proposes changes to the bylaws and posts them for public comment as 
>they are required to do.

The Board has not specifically endorsed the Lynn plan but it has
ignored the findings of its own ALSC (and other groups) and with
barely a pause has killed off any at large board elections which were
a major part of the Lynn plan.

I can't say I get too excited over whether this new ICANN will have
the Board appoint itself or have Govts appoint some of the Board when
the primary decision to wipe out at large representation has already
been taken.


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