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Re: [ga] Re: Discussion Draft -- ICANN Reorganization

> Peter,
> Thank you for your contribution to the discussion on ICANN's funding issues.  
> I'm sure that you can appreciate that ICANN needs to be run as a business 
> that is reasonably assured of a steady cash flow.  In order to return the 
> organization to a state of normalcy, is there a funding formula would most 
> likely be acceptable to the ccTLD community?
Many ccTLDs have funded ICANN very generously considering that they have no 
contractural relationship with ICANN - they have been donations made as good 

However ICANN has effectively declared war on the ccTLDs by saying that depsite 
us flatly rejecting without even discussing your proposed contracts we are 
going to try and get your govts (by offering them board seats) to coerce you 
all into signing non negiotable contracts which gives ICANN total power over 
the ccTLD.

Now if that is what Lynn wishes to do well he can try.  But don't expect ccTLDs 
to fund ICANN to try and do them over.  That is just plain stupid.

I am only speaking on my own behalf but let me say that with the ccTLD I belong 
to, I will be voting not to pay ICANN a single cent more because of the Lynn 
proposal.  You do not fund your enemy.  And let me say that in the past I have 
been one of the biggest advocates locally for funding ICANN and working with 
ICANN but the Lynn plan changes ICANN so fundamentally my stance has changed.


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