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[ga] The IANA Function

Dear Ms. Cotton,

In our discussion of ICANN's funding issues, we have become aware of the fact 
that the IANA is designed to operate on a cost-recovery basis:

"After the effective date of this purchase order, the Contractor may 
establish and collect fees from third parties (i.e., other than the United 
States Government) for the functions performed under this purchase order, 
provided the fee levels are approved by the Contracting Officer before going 
into effect, which approval shall not be withheld unreasonably provided the 
fee levels are fair and equitable and provided the aggregate fees charged 
during the term of this purchase order do not exceed the cost of providing 
the requirements of this purchase order."  

Accordingly, if fees are to be charged to the ccTLD community based on the 
IANA function, it becomes necessary to know the aggregate total of the IANA 
costs.  Unfortunately, we cannot locate a figure for the IANA function in the 
ICANN budget.  

As you are the administrator of the IANA, perhaps you could tell us how much 
is calculated as the annual cost of the IANA function.  I am certain that we 
could inquire of the Contracting Officer regarding the current fee structure, 
but it is reasonable to assume that such facts are indeed at your fingertips.

Looking forward to your assistance in this matter,

Best regards,
Danny Younger
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