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Re: [ga] Unresponsive registrars

At 15:52 26/02/02 -0800, George Kirikos wrote:
>--- Joop Teernstra <terastra@terabytz.co.nz> wrote:
> > This is an idea that we are exploring in NZ as well. In order to make
> > an
> > Ombudsman effective, it has to be done on a national jurisdictional
> > level,
> > supported by legislation.
>I'm not sure that the Ombudsman *needs* to be supported by legislation
>-- I suspect it depends on the importance a registrar puts on its
>reputation, and whether there can be any sanctions imposed by its peers
>(i.e. via a self-regulating body).

I appreciate that for Banks, but..
Lots of cowboys in this registration business. Unlike with the Banks, who 
have to comply with all sorts of regulation in order to be in business, 
this field has many who shouldn't be in business at all.

The Ombudsman needs the legislative whip.


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