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Re: [ga] Unresponsive registrars


--- Joop Teernstra <terastra@terabytz.co.nz> wrote:
> This is an idea that we are exploring in NZ as well. In order to make
> an 
> Ombudsman effective, it has to be done on a national jurisdictional
> level, 
> supported by legislation.

I'm not sure that the Ombudsman *needs* to be supported by legislation
-- I suspect it depends on the importance a registrar puts on its
reputation, and whether there can be any sanctions imposed by its peers
(i.e. via a self-regulating body). 

For instance, here in Canada the Canadian Bankers Association has an
ombudsman, as do each of the major chartered banks. See:


As far as I know, it wasn't mandated by the federal government, but was
an industry solution to the perceived problem of poor service. They
produce regular reports on the cases that go through the ombudsman.
Conceivably, this model can be adapted by others. See:


For instance, quoting from the FAQs:

"Are the banks required to follow the Ombudsman's recommendations?

Neither you nor the banks are bound by the Ombudsman's recommendations.
However, the mandate of the Canadian Banking Ombudsman provides the
power to influence the banks to follow its recommendations. To date,
all of the Ombudsman's recommendations have been implemented. 

The Ombudsman is required to report publicly the name of any bank which
does not comply with a recommendation. The Ombudsman must also report
publicly the number of complaints brought to the Office against each
bank, the results of its involvement and the time taken to resolve
complaints. This information is released to the media and distributed
to interested individuals, associations, and governments."


George Kirikos

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