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Re[2]: [ga] GA summary 2002-08

Tuesday, Tuesday, February 26, 2002, 3:00:15 PM, Thomas Roessler wrote:

> On 2002-02-26 13:53:47 -0800, Eric Dierker wrote:

>>I oppose by what is said and what is left unsaid.

>>This is not nor will it ever be under TR more than his propaganda 

> You are entirely free to produce summaries of your own which contain 
> what you believe to be relevant and omit what you consider 
> irrelevant.  All the material you need is there: You are subscribed 
> to the list, and there's a web archive from which you can get 
> information, and to which you can link.

Ignore him.

He posts only to the ga-full list to avoid consequences for his posts,
and if he wants his posts taken into account on the summary, he can
post them to the GA list itself in my opinion.

Best regards,
William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>

"There is no better way to exercise the imagination than the study of
the law. No artist ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer
interprets the truth."
-- Jean Giradoux

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