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[ga] Re: [Draft-deletes] Draft of response to WLS Proposal - Ver. 2

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  • Subject: [ga] Re: [Draft-deletes] Draft of response to WLS Proposal - Ver. 2
  • From: Abel Wisman <abel@able-towers.com>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 13:28:07 +0000
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As a preliminary result from draft-deletes we submit this document to the GA:

This document represents feedback from the DNSO General Assembly (GA)
to VeriSign Global Registry Services (VGRS), with respect to the VGRS
proposed Domain Name Wait Listing Service (WLS). More specifically,
this document is responsive to, and consistent with the Procedural
Guidelines contained in, VGRS's revised WLS proposal, dated January
 28, 2002.

On December 30, 2001, VGRS submitted to the Registrar Constituency its
WLS proposal (http://www.icann-registrars.org/pdfs/VeriSign_wls.pdf).

On January 18, 2002, the Registrar Constituency submitted its timely
response to the VGRS proposal

On January 28, 2002, VGRS posted to the GA list, its revised WLS
proposal along with the "Justification for a Registry-based Wait
Listing Service" document. This proposal requests feedback and
questions from the GA by February 8, 2001, pursuant to the "procedural
guidelines" presented in it.

This leads to the following questions the GA puts forward to VGRS:

1. Why is VGRS concentrating on "new" business proposals before solving 
problems with her current tasks

2. On what (contractual) grounds does VGRS propose the WLS, instead of 
letting this part of the markt be a free operating system.

3. What are the reasons for letting go of the principle of 1st come 1st 

4. When does VGRS propose to settle with ICANN on a delete agreement pursuant 
to 3.7.5 of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA).

5. It seems to be generally accepted that all Registrars will  drop/deleted 
domain names within 45 days following expiration. When does VGRS propose to 
force her affiliates among whom Versigin Registrar to adher to these rules

6. How does VGRS respond to the fact that WLS will put a number of operators 
in a likewise service based on free market principles out of business.

7. When does VGRS plan to solve her problems; the increased load on VGRS 
systems, as mentioned in Montevideo, Uraguay in September 2001.

8.  How does VGRS intent to solve consumer "unhappines" upon not getting the 
domain, f.i. due to renewal, and subsequent "chargeback" to the registrars

9. What besides "willingness of the market" is the base for the extremely 
high price of WLS

10. When will VGRS deliver a cost-based analyses to all constituencies to 
determine a "fair" price for such services, if they should be started

11. How, under current ICANN regulations, does VGRS propose to drop the "fair 
price" system forced upon her in the original agreement with ICANN

12. Does this WLS not constitute a seperate contract between ICANN and VGRS 
and as such, should an open "bid" period to allow other to "bid" for a 
likewise system not be entertained 

13. Where does VGRS base the sale of WLS upon, considering that it is her 
contractual duty to return domains to the pool after 45 days, in which case 
there would be nothing to sell

14. Will current Snapback/Snapname holders be "grandfathered" under the WLS

15. Will the process of BULK deletion remain in place

16 Will VGRS assume responsibility for the community that registrars
offering this service on a world-wide basis are not going to face legal 
problems? (f.i. if this is viewed as commodity trading )

We, the GA respectfully await VGRS's answer to this quesion in a timely 
manner as set forth by VGRS so that the GA will be in a position to ascertain 
her final position on this proposal in due and timely  manner.

With regards

The General Assembly

Abel Wisman
office	+44-20 84 24 24 2 2
mobile +44-78 12 14 19 16

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