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Re: [ga] Fw: [RegistrarsList] Updated WLS Documents

"Gomes, Chuck" wrote:

> I tolerate a lot of garbage on this list, but the posts on this subject
> during the last couple hours have gone beyond my willingness to ignore.
> They provide prime evidence why the GA is often ignored.  And that is
> very unfortunate for the many members of the list who work hard to make
> it a constructive source of input regarding DNSO issues.

Chuck, a lot of us tolerate a lot of garbage and window
dressing from yourself and other players in the Domain
Game here on the GA List as well!  Your repeated refusal
(through silence) to answer the numerous QUESTIONS which
we're still waiting for answers on is a great example of
what I'm referring to.  Is it really any surprise that
your company has such a bad image with so many when you
refuse to acknowledge the QUESTIONS and CONCERNS of the GA
members you so readily state are "often ignored"?  Why
Chuck, you're one of the people doing the ignoring... 
Nothing like first hand knowledge, huh?


Sotiris Sotiropoulos
	Hermes Network Inc.
	Toronto, Canada

direct: 416.422.1034

icq: 34564103
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