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Re: [ga] Revised WLS Proposal


--- "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes@verisign.com> wrote:
> I have attached two documents related to the wait listing service
> proposal submitted by VGRS to the Registrars Constituency on December
> 30, 2001: (1) a revised proposal based on feedback received from
> registrars and other interested parties; (2) a document titled,
> 'Justification for a Registry-based Wait Listing Service.' I would

I think you'll find that given the very minor nature of the changes
that Verisign has made in this revised WLS, the opposition to it would
remain intact. Indeed, the proposed "procedure" for handling feedback
and answers to questions seems very self-serving, in that it allows
VRSN the ability to dodge and avoid answering questions. Most of the
"answers" in the document read as marketing fluff, or are met with
"let's do a test to see what happens" (of course putting competitors
out of business during that test, and pocketing a lot of money too).

I'll note there have been no answers yet to the questions posed at:


In your revised proposal you also fail to answer a very basic question
that has been posed repeatedly. I ask that you answer this question
immediately, as it is quite straightforward.

1) Are existing SnapBack holders going to be "grandfathered" into the
proposed WLS system?

As you can see, that's a very basic question -- yes or no would
suffice. If the answer is "no", please followup later (by February 15)
with an outline of your proposed sunrise and landrush procedures, as
I'm sure those would be of great interest to all. In at least 2 venues,
representatives of SnapNames have indicated that they'd be

Indirectly related to the WLS, so perhaps we don't need to wait 2 week
for the answer to this one:

2) Is Verisign continuing with existing bulk deletions until such time
as ICANN/DoJ/etc. permit a new system to take over? There have no such
deletions for weeks, which I and others find very unusual. 


George Kirikos

P.S. You can of course expect a much fuller reply to "WLS II -- Jason
Returns" in the coming days. ;)

P.P.S. Count me in on participating in the DNSO GA process for
responding to this revised proposal. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll
have to duplicate a lot of the prior questions, as Verisign was very
adept at dodging the most basic questions.

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