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[ga] process according to Verisign

On 2002-01-29 12:37:35 -0500, Ross Wm. Rader wrote:

>I hadn't realized that this was only made available via the 
>password protected VGRS Registrar Support site. I have made them 
>available at http://www.byte.org/rc-deletes without a password if 
>you wish to view them in MS-Word format.

Thank you, and thanks to Chuck for posting the entire documents to 
the GA list.

Here's a short summary of the process suggested by Verisign:

 - Questions are to be submitted until February 8, to 
 - Responses will be provided as of February 15.
 - Final feedback should be submitted to Verisign before March 1.
 - Target for VGRS decision regarding the proposal: March 8.

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