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[ga] Volunteers needed - WLS drafting group.

Abel Wisman has volunteered to set up and lead a drafting group on 
the WLS and deleted domain name handling topics. (Thanks for that!)

The group's mission will be to identify points of consensus from the 
GA discussions on the WLS proposal and deleted domain handling of 
the past weeks, and to produce a paper which summarizes these. 
Should the group come up with new ideas or arguments, these should 
immediately be presented to the main GA list for discussion.

The group is expected to produce a first draft (to be presented to 
the main GA list) within a week.  Failure to produce such a draft 
most likely indicates that further substantial discussion is needed 
(and, currently, no consensus exists), and is no reason to despair.

The draft, if and when presented, can then be discussed on the main 
GA list.  The drafting group is then expected to revise it according 
to this discussion.  The process can be iterated several times, if 
needed. Ultimately, it is hoped that a vote can be held on a final 

In order to participate in the drafting group, please go to 
<http://prometheus.able-nl.com/mailman/listinfo/draft-deletes>, and 
subscribe yourself as soon as possible.  The group will take up work 
on Tuesday.

Please note that, on the drafting group list, there is no limit on 
the number of postings per day, but mails over 40 kB will bounce. 
Members of the drafting group should also pay attention NOT to 
crosspost to the GA list, since the drafting group's discussion 
results will be presented to and discussed on the GA list anyhow.

Thomas Roessler                        <roessler@does-not-exist.org>
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