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[ga] GA members' comments on dot-org: please sign now.

Dear GA members,

there has been little GA discussion on the Final Report
of the .org Task Force and Marc Schneiders' valuable
additional comments -- it seems that there is some
agreement on this matter? If so, it may be good to
document our position and our concerns in a comment
to the Names Council and the ICANN Board. My draft
is mainly based on Marc's issues of concern. Obviously,
the DNSO constituencies are also preparing additional

Time is admittedly very short (the deadline is
the 1st of February), too short for a ballot vote on a
GA motion. Instead, you can state your agreement or
disagreement with the text and it will be forwarded
as comments by GA members, including the names of
people agreeing and disagreeing. Here is how:

   Please simply send an email to Thomas Roessler

   until Friday, 1st of February, 15:00 CET
   (6:00 L.A., 9:00 N.Y., 11:00 Montevideo,
   14:00 London/Accra, 17:00 Moscow, 23:00 Tokyo)

   stating "I agree" or "I don't agree". Please also give
   - your full name,
   - your type of GA membership:
     GA subscriber, GA voting registry member, DNSO
     Constituency member (if so, which)

   Please also make sure you don't send the mail
   accidentally to the GA list.

Whether you agree or not, you are of couse encouraged to
send your own additional comments to comments-dotorg@dnso.org.
Currently, there is not a single comment!

Best regards,
/// Alexander

Proposal for GA members' comments on dot-org:

The undersigned members of the DNSO General Assembly

1. endorse the criteria and guidelines for applicants
    for operation of the .org registry contained
    in the Final Report of the .org Task Force

2. support the unrestricted character of .ORG, both for
    new and old registrants, and the absence of new
    eviction mechanisms for domain name holders.

3. emphasize the need for a complete divestiture
    of the .org TLD and urge the DNSO Names Council and
    the ICANN Board to ensure that the divestiture
    increases competition. The applicant organizations
    must submit proposals which are consistent with
    the goal of divestiture.

4. are concerned about the possibility of a price raise
    in the .org registration fee and emphasize that the
    registry fee should be "as low as feasible consistent
    with the maintenance of good quality service" (TF Final
    Report, 4). The ICANN Board's decision about the
    applicant organization should not be deflected by
    excessive attention to proposals for spending a
    possible surplus.

5. encourage applicant organizations to propose ways
    of ensuring that the "differentiation of the domain",
    which is "a key objective in the transition" (TF Final
    Report, 2e), is also communicated to dispute resolution
    providers and panelists. A simplistic, undifferentiated
    approach to domain disputes in the .org TLD puts the
    potential benefits at risk.

6. urge applicant organizations to consider incentives and
    deterrents to ensure that all registrars market .org
    domains in a way which does not run counter to the goal
    of differentiation enabling end-user choice.

7. thank the GA representative on the .org Task Force,
    Marc Schneiders, for his work.


    John Doe <john@doe.tld>,
      GA subscriber, GA voting registry member
    Juan Doe <juan@doe.tld>,
      GA subscriber, NCDNHC
    Jane Doe <jane@doe.tld>,
      GA subscriber, GA voting registry member, ISP/CP

    Joe Doe <joe@doe.tld>
      GA subscriber, GA voting registry member

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