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[ga] WLS, GA, ALSO and ICANN

I gave up reading the GA for a while. Reading Thomas' report and some 
different mails the feeling I have (please correct me if I am wrong) is a 
total change of nature of the ICANN into something new.

1. the GA seems to be mostly discussing registrars industry.
2. the discussion over the WLS is purely registrar/reseller oriented, no 
one questioning first the legality of the WLS proposition, and its legal 
consequences and consistency.
3. the positions over the ALSO are oriented towards stakeholders concerns 
not towards ICANN long term stability interests. Also it is purely naming 
problems oriented. It totally forgets the IANA mission.

I only hope the BoD either disregards all this or acknowledges the ICANN is 
now the official Verisign reseller association and transfers the IANA 
functions to the TLDA, the ITU/T, EDIFACT, the Pope, the RedCross or the 
Olympic Committee: i.e. consistent, international, equal to all, cheap 
management, corruption proof structures able to host a two persons secretariat.


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