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Re: [ga] WLS, GA, ALSO and ICANN

Yes, Jefsey.  I think you've got it wrong.

The WLS proposal, and the various press releases by VeriSign and Snap
which indicated that it was essentially a "done deal," flew in the
face of ICANN's very existence, IMO.

It was a controversial and topical matter of discussion and debate on
this list, and others, and it cut across most all boundaries --
including those of the Registrants, Registrars and other Stakeholders.

For a variety of reasons, there was a general concern which was
vocalized on this, and other, lists by many. Although you may not have
a particular interest in the subject matter, it was, never-the-less,
important to many other participants. Isn't it the purpose of this
list to discuss and debate issues which the participants find
important and topical? If so, then I think you are reading more into
it (i.e. the items enumerated in your post with respect to the GA
list) than actually and realistically exist.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002, 6:19:46 AM, Jefsey Morfin <jefsey@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
JM> I gave up reading the GA for a while. Reading Thomas' report and some 
JM> different mails the feeling I have (please correct me if I am wrong) is a 
JM> total change of nature of the ICANN into something new.

JM> 1. the GA seems to be mostly discussing registrars industry.
JM> 2. the discussion over the WLS is purely registrar/reseller oriented, no 
JM> one questioning first the legality of the WLS proposition, and its legal 
JM> consequences and consistency.
JM> 3. the positions over the ALSO are oriented towards stakeholders concerns 
JM> not towards ICANN long term stability interests. Also it is purely naming 
JM> problems oriented. It totally forgets the IANA mission.

JM> I only hope the BoD either disregards all this or acknowledges the ICANN is 
JM> now the official Verisign reseller association and transfers the IANA 
JM> functions to the TLDA, the ITU/T, EDIFACT, the Pope, the RedCross or the 
JM> Olympic Committee: i.e. consistent, international, equal to all, cheap 
JM> management, corruption proof structures able to host a two persons secretariat.

JM> Jefsey

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