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Re: [ga] Year-End State of the Domain


--- Mason Cole <MasonC@Snapnames.com> wrote:
> I'm attaching the most recent edition of State of the Domain -- in
> addition
> to an expanded set of data, this month's issue also includes a large
> section
> devoted to the merits of the WLS.  If you're not already a subscriber
> to
> this free monthly publication, you can subscribe with a blank e-mail
> to
> stateofthedomain@snapnames.com.

Before sending out 600K attachments to the list again, you should think
twice. In particular, the rules of the GA list say that most posts
should be kept under 10K. See:


Next time, it might be better to post a link to the PDF file on the
web, instead of attaching the entire file.


George Kirikos

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