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[ga] RE: [icann-delete] WLS Input - Greatest Good vs. Benefits of the Few


On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Ron Wiener wrote:

> Ross,
> A few clarifications to your last post...  First, I did not mischaracterize
> the Registrars Constituency call.  I stated that on that call there were a
> small minority of registrars - 21 out of 96.  That is fact.  You are
> therefore incorrect in stating to me that my "comment that the call
> represented only a handful of interests is therefore inaccurate."   The call
> *did* represent only a relative handful of registrars, which was exactly
> what I said.   That "the call represented a majority of *member*
> registrars," as you say, is of no relevance whatsoever.

gosh I really hate to get involved in conversations like this but I must...

The call that you refer to was restricted to paid-up ICANN Accredited
registrars that are members in good standing of the Registrars

By definition the call was limited to a subset of all accredited
registrars. If you want to look at representative volume I'd say over 90%
of all domains registered by registrars were represented. Another way to
look at it is that over 90% of the RRP transactions generated by
Registrars were in attendance on the call.

I'd appreciate it if you and ross would get back to dealing with
subsinative arguments then these tepid distractions.



Rick Wesson
CTO, Registrars Constituency

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