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Re: [ga] Transfer TF / deletions / WG

On Mon, 7 Jan 2002 18:55:26 -0800, Genie Livingstone wrote:
Subject: Re: [ga] Transfer TF / deletions / WG

> Eric, I like the idea

On Monday, January 07, 2002 5:55 PM, Eric Dierker wrote:

> > Personally I would like to see our chair use a sublist
> > and set up a real WG on this issue, all members welcome
> > and an extra 5 posts a day on that sublist, {or no limit}
> > for both transfers and deletions.
> >
> > Earlier today Mr. Gomes stated clearly it was not
> > a done deal.
> >
> > Isn't a deletion really an automated transfer.

Hi Genie & Eric

Back in April last year a number of special purpose mailing list were set up.
I saw these as useful for working groups who wished to discuss specific issues
relating to domain name policy.

One such list was [ga-sys].  This was designed to encompass anything to do
with registration systems including transfers and expiries.  However, a few
people opposed the whole idea and without support these so-called "sublists"
have remained dormant.

I would suggest, therefore, that should GA members wish to set up a working
group on this topic, the [ga-sys] mailing list is ready made for the purpose.
People may subscribe to this list by sending an email to majordomo@dnso.org
with the following words in the body of the text:

subscribe ga-sys

As a reminder, I append the original proposed agenda for [ga-sys] below.
However, I don't believe the list will succeed without setting up a working

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001 22:40:13 +1000, Patrick Corliss wrote:

> Systems:  To consider and recommend improvements to all of ICANN's
> existing policies, practices and procedures including, but not limited to
> registry-registrar separation, registrar accreditation, quality assurance
> and registrant/whois privacy as well as any contracts or agreements in
> these or related areas.
> (1)    Structures & Relationships
> Registry-Registrar Separation
> Verisign agreement (incl .org)
> New registry agreements
> ICANN accreditation & monitoring
> Anti-trust & competition policy
> (2)    Existing & Proposed TLDs
> Review of TLD application process.
> Holding over of lodged applications.
> Pre-registrations of domain names
> Government endorsement of ccTLDs
> Revision to .edu with Educause
> (3)    Registry- Registrar Operations
> NIC handles and other data structures
> Registrant/Whois data - integrity & privacy
> Domain name holder's "Charter"
> Stockpiling & warehousing domains.
> Expired, on hold & unreleased names
> Automatic credit card renewals
> (4)    Multilingual Test-Bed
> Identify the nature of their operations
> Test beds or live systems?
> Controlled by ICANN or not?
> (5)    Other System Developments
> NAS Committee on Internet Searching & the DNS
> MultiBind & other new technology
> Future of the domain name system

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