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RE: Re[2]: [ga] Re: VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??

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|> Joop,
|> How would you answer the question I asked?  For a re-registration of
|> released name, is the permission of the previous registrant needed?
|> On a different note, let me try an analogy.  Is it okay for a
|> to have a waiting list for a house in case the current rentors do not
|> renew their lease?

I think a closer analogy would be where someone has an address, this
address is known by a number and the person then assigns a name to the
address, this name is listed in a common database that links all the
known address names to the address numbers.  The person pays a fee to
associate the name to the number.

Once they move from the address or wish to change the name, it becomes
null and void.  It no longer exists.  Someone else may recreate the name
for another address but it is a new entry into the database and not the
same entry.

The name is not only linked to the number but also to the creator.  It
is a unique entity due to the values that make up the important parts,
which include the creator.  If the creator is removed, the entity ceases
to exist.

If the creator fails to pay for the service of the name being maintained
in the common database, they are in effect removing their name from the
record and the record ceases to exist.

It can not be placed on a list or sold.  It doesn't exist.  The same
address name may be used in another record but it would have different
values to the first record using the address name and is not the same

The only transfers that should be allowed are whilst the creator is
still involved and can initiate a transfer to a new occupant of the
address.  This should not occur after the name has been dropped as it is
not a valid entity at that time.

We have to keep in mind what we are actually discussing, they are in
fact data records, supposed to be unique.  

To me, any waiting list or preferred method of obtaining deleted domain
names is the same as any other speculation in domain names.  Domain
speculation has been deemed to be out of order as per the UDRP.  I don't
see any speculation in dropped domain names as being anything but an
inappropriate use.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.

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