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Re: Re[2]: [ga] Re: VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??


--- Abel Wisman <abel@able-towers.com> wrote:
> in the analogy, even if the property manager IS allowed, this
> subscription is 
> never more then one month lease, iow 1/12 of $ 6  and not equal to 7
> years 

Good point, Abel.

I was looking at Chuck's analogy, and it got me thinking. If the
analogy of a "Property Manager's Waiting List" is appropriate to their
proposal, aren't we getting close to discovering PRIOR ART to assist in
invalidating any patents that SnapNames has licensed to Verisign as
part of their deal? I've done a search for SnapNames patent
applications, but have been unable to find them. If someone else has an
idea what they are, I think many would be curious, especially as they
seem to contribute to the $40 proposed wholesale price that WLS would
cost registrars, should the plan ever reach fruition. Challenging
patents might help to lower the cost to a more reasonable 50 cents per
name wholesale cost as Abel suggests. In a competitive tendering system
(i.e. if there is a WLS II from a competitor to Verisign), 50 cents
might be the price that others might charge to run such a system.

I think someone brought up the issue of internet standards before with
regards to the RFCs. One of the things that I believe IETF, W3.org,
ANSI, ISO and other standards working committees look at when
considering using  a technology as part of a proposed "standard" is
whether patents are attached to it. Ones that do tend to be deprecated,
in favour of cheaper proposals that will not require royalties or
licensing fees and can thus have widespread competition and innovation.
From what I've seen, the Afternic proposal does not have these patent
issues being a factor in costs. The "Let's Make George Kirikos a
Multi-Millionaire Proposal" and the "Status Quo Proposal" don't have
patent issues either that affect registrar costs.


George Kirikos

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