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RE: Re[2]: [ga] Re: VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??

Gomes, Chuck said:

> On a different note, let me try an analogy.  Is it okay for a landlord
> to have a waiting list for a house in case the current rentors do not
> renew their lease?

Not at all the same.

I would hazard to guess that most names that are let go variants of the

1, active names not renewed by mistake 
2, inactive names not renewed on purpose

The first one would be due to incorrect name holder details or the email not
being processed internal to the registrant to ensure it got paid. Partly as
the cost is so low (in business terms) that some non internet savvy people
don't think it is important.

Thus the comparison of a rental/lease which is non trivial , often monthly,
cost which also has tangible location (which is normally occupied by same
the person that contracted the lease) and a domain name which is a trivial
cost often annual (or less often) is utter rubbish.

This is unless of course Chuck you feel a domain name is tangible property?

At this stage I would like to commend Chuck on his participation on this
list and while I may not agree with his or his employers views the mere fact
he is active on the GA is a benefit to all.

Steven Heath

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