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[ga] RE: RFC;-)


We would welcome feedback from such a working group with regard to our
Wait Listing Proposal if it could be provided by the end of January.
Our plan was to seek such feedback from interested constituencies after
we had received it from the registrars.  We started with the registrars
because any such service would have to be offered directly to consumers
by registrars.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Eric Dierker [mailto:eric@hi-tek.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2002 11:06 AM
> To: Gomes, Chuck; ga@dnso.org
> Subject: RFC;-)
> Dear Mr. Gomes,
> I hope with all the hoopla that the new year finds you well and all of
> your family prospering.
> I request your comments on behalf of your company to the following.
> May we in the GA count on your company's' appraisal of a GA
> working group regarding the Deletion Matter prior to your taking
> further action?
> (this would assume that we form a group post haste, form it
> in a sublist, assure its' openness and transparency, reach a
> valid consensus, allow for dissenting opinion, and deliver a
> tentative draft by the end of January)
> Of course it is informal, but through openness and transparency,
> you could afford it the weight it deserves.  I would ask that 
> Masseurs.
> Wesson and Walsh initially chair the group and that Mr. Lovell and
> Mr. Roessler act as Co-Secretariat.  I would further ask that Mr.
> Steinberg, Mr. Svennson and Ms. McKee informally monitor and
> watchdog it. By breaking it up so the workload should not be
> too burdensome on any.
> Cross posting to the GA main would be allowed and we would
> ask the Secretariat to provide updates in summary form to
> to the main body, which could be forwarded to other lists.
> Mr. Gomes would your company recognize such an endeavor and
> consider it?
> Sincerely,
> Eric


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